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CHANGES TO THE CHILD NUTRITION PROGRAM FOR 2015-2016 Last school year Brunswick County Schools participated in a new USDA program known as Community Eligibility which eliminated the need for families to complete the free/reduced meal application and provided meals at no cost to any student in our elementary and middle schools. The Community Eligibility Program has been discontinued for the 2015-2016 school year based on overall participation and reimbursement rates; however, children who continue to qualify for free and reduced meals can continue to receive the benefits if parents/guardians complete the free/reduced meal application. Families can apply online to see if children qualify to receive free or reduced price school meals by visiting www.lunchapplication.com.  Paper copies of meal applications are also available at your child’s school





 We’ve made things more secure and confidential for you!

You may now apply online to see if your children qualify to receive free or reduced price school meals. You don’t need to worry about filling out a paper application that could be lost or misplaced.


The  www.LunchApplication.com website is an easy, secure and convenient way to apply for free or reduced price meals. It has been designed to guide you through the application process and make it easy for you to know exactly what information you need to provide. Once your application is received, the Child Nutrition Department will determine your eligibility and send you a letter with the results.

You can access this feature directly from the BCS Child Nutrition website or simply by typing the address into your web browser.