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Going Green


School Menus

School meals are healthy meals that are required to meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. To receive federal reimbursements, school meal programs must offer "reimbursable" meals that meet strict federal nutrition standards. These standards, also referred to as "the meal pattern," require schools to offer students the right balance of fruits, vegetables, low-fat or fat-free milk, whole grains and lean protein with every meal.

Special dietary Needs

Brunswick County Schools Child Nutrition Program strives to meet the daily nutritional needs of all students through the National School Breakfast, Lunch and After School Snack programs.  If your child has a special dietary need (such as a severe food allergy or food intolerance), please review the important information below to ensure your child's needs are being met.

The Diet Order includes Part A, Part B and Part C that must be completed by 3 different parties.

Part A should be completed by the parent/guardian, Part B should be completed by a licensed physician, and Part C should be completed by the School Administrator and IEP Representative. 

Diet Order Updated 2-11-2020.pdf


For your convenience, allergens are posted on our web based menus.  Simply hover over the food item and you will see all nutritional information as well as allergens. 



Carb Counts

All nutritional information as well as carb counts are posted on our web based menus. Simply hover over the item and you will see the carbs for that menu item.


Carb Counts for a' la carte items are posted below.

A la Carte Carbs.pdf

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